The rocks will cry out…..

will they pray too?

To get the full effect of this, tilt your head to the left and look at the rocks as well as the reflection in the water……you should see two praying images.

How cool is that????????    I got this in an email from a dear friend this morning and just had to share it with all blogdom 🙂

I don’t know if this photo is real or not (I suspect that it is not, I suspect that it is a painting or has been altered), but what an incredible reminder to be praying with our children, and to be encouraging them in and nurturing their walks with God.   You know, I posted yesterday about our oldest daughter’s graduation.   I didn’t really do any “bragging” on her, but I will tell you, for a 14 year old girl, she has such a close walk with God it amazes me sometimes!  She shows more maturity in her faith than  many adult Christians that I know.   She takes all things to the throne, and has a discerning heart…..she won’t do things that she doesn’t feel would be honoring to God even if she REALLY wants to (she showed D and I another example of this very recently), she spends time in the Word EVERY day (or nearly every day), and she has a great understanding of biblical concepts.   She has hidden 1000s of scriptures in her heart and can recall them when asked.    Yes, she is growing to be a very Godly young woman, but she is still a typical teenager, and she does pick on her siblings sometimes, and she does sometimes sass mom and dad, but that is all minimal in comparison to the good/GOD that we see in her!   She’s a very responsible young lady and is in high demand for babysitting, she’s a hard worker and will make a great employee to anyone that hires her in the future.   She has a very sweet, kind and caring disposition, and she is a GIVER……even if she doesn’t really want to, she will share her Starbucks treats with her siblings…..even when they havne’t been very nice to her.   She has always shared her ice cream with her Papa when we go out (or have ice cream with him at home).    The past two spring breaks she has given of herself in local missions and service and prepared lunch and served the homeless, she has pulled weeds in a local park, picked up trash at local schools, and helped with a “Kids Club” (VBS) for an inner-city school here in our community.    She has the true heart of a servant!

Ok, Sorry, I got quite sidetracked in that, but I wanted to give an example of how praying with our children will foster their own walks with Christ.

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1 Response to The rocks will cry out…..

  1. annie says:

    Beautiful picture!
    Your daughter sounds lovely! Reminds me of my oldest.
    Sounds like you are a wonderful mother who is very blessed.

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