Today's produce basket (5/22/07)

Oh, just look at this rainbow of fresh, organic goodness!   I just LOVE when my baskets arrive each week!  It’s like Christmas every Tuesday afternoon 🙂

Today’s basket contains:

2 bunches asparagus (the last of the season :()

1 bunch carrots

8 navel oranges

2 small persian cucumbers

1 shallot

1 lb. yellow summer squash

1 lb. green beans (oh, I can’t wait to try those…the first green beans of the season!!!!)

1 pint cherries

1.5 lb. tomatoes

1 basket blueberries (again, first week of the season)

1 lb. apricots (first week of the season on these too :))

1 head lettuce

1 basket blackberries (first week :))

My extras for the week:

cheese 🙂

flat leaf parsley

basil plants

What good things is your garden growing?  Or are you getting from you CSA or Farmer’s Market?

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