Would you still buy organics if you were on a REALLY tight budget?

This question was asked on an email loop that I belong to. The question was asked by a wonderful ladie that is concerned about a close friend of hers that has a 2 year old with a corn allergy, and another baby on the way. The mommy is a stay at home mommy and Dad is in seminary and works as a pastor (small salary). The friend is concerned because the family lives very much paycheck to paycheck, is unable to put any money into savings, and is still buying organic foods and expensive organic laundry detergent, etc. I can wholeheartedly understand the friends’ concern….and here is my response to her…..


I have to agree with ______ about personal convictions. There are so many ways that you can help them, but I would be cautious about offering advice about their diet. For our family, we live on a tight budget, have one car, live very frugally, etc……, the 2nd largest portion of our budget is for food and household items and pet items. We do feed our pets a premium food, because they are healthier on it and we don’t have to deal with vet bills. We do feed our family premium organic foods (that I “shop” (compare prices, buy on sale, buy in bulk, etc) very carefully), and I do use natural cleaning solutions (Many of them are homemade though). We have been able to get our health care bills down CONSIDERABLY by doing this. We are much more healthy, and we wouldn’t change this without the Lord telling us specifically to do it. We do live on a budget, we do budget for our choices. We don’t go into debt to live the way we live. Our children do not go without clothes or shoes or a warm/cool home (although we do set our thermostat differently than many people) for us to eat/live the way we do. This is something that Dh and I spent many years praying about and gradually working into our way of living.

Thank you for your concern for this precious family….it is very nice. But you really can eat organically on a budget….we do! I feed a family of 6 (with 4 of those 6 eating like adults) on $600 a month, and that includes pet care as well as home care and toiletries.

So, my question to you would be……Would YOU still buy organics if you were on a REALLY tight budget?

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1 Response to Would you still buy organics if you were on a REALLY tight budget?

  1. I think we do about 85 to 90% organic. Availability slows us down more than anything. I think unless it was a matter of not having enough to cover our very basics, I would continue to do that.

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