What does YOUR fruitbowl look like?

This topic came up on the Kathleen Daelemans fan forum, and so I thought I’d post it here.   If you have your own blog, consider this my official “TAG” of you, and please participate as well!  And then be sure to check back here and leave a comment so that we can all go see your fruit bowls 🙂

What DOES your fruit bowl look like?

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words….so here’s some pictures…

Here’s the apple bowl…

And here’s my other “fruit bowl”….

Do you eat mostly seasonal fruit?

Yes, 99% of the fruit that we eat is locally grown, seasonal, and chemical free.

Do you take advantage of being able to get fruit from Chile and Argentina?

You know, I used to, but am always disappointed, so we stick to what is fresh, local, and in season.

Do you buy conventional or organic?

organic as much as possible.

What does the your actual “bowl” or storage unit look like?

Well, depending on what it is that I’m storing….on the countertop I have a basket and our big popcorn bowl. Then I have the drawers in the refrigerator, as well as shelves (sometimes in bowls or just loose) in the fridge as well that are designated for produce.

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3 Responses to What does YOUR fruitbowl look like?

  1. Christy B says:

    I know you were just answering a *tag*, but did you know that fruit from Chile are among the most heavily treated with pesticides?


  2. lori says:

    Hi Christy,

    I didn’t know that, but I don’t buy imported fruit (aside from bananas, I guess….didn’t realize that my bananas were imported until this morning I looked at the sticker, and they are from Ecuador)…..so I will be making sure that I spend the extra money to buy certified organic bananas from now on!

    Thanks so much for letting me know this.

  3. Christy B says:

    Thank YOU for visiting MY blog! I’m actually on the RFD and the MIH threads…I guess great minds think alike! LOL

    About making the Challah – I watched that video over and over and had to play it step by step in order to make the braid, BUT my wonderfully gifted children watched it once and did it without referring back! I felt very outdone! lol My dd the six strand braid is the same braid you use when making braided bracelets – I guess all those beads everywhere finally came to some good! lol

    Anyway – my children LOVE love love shaping bread – the challah and the morning rolls on Mrs. Catherine’s site are their favorites!

    Take care,
    Christy B

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