Passing on the ministry…..

Well, for many of you that know me personally, or that have known me via the “web” for any length of time know that one of my personal ministries is providing meals for families with illness, recovering from surgery, having new babies, death in the family, etc.   I’ve been doing this with my honey since before we had children.   Well, my 9 year old darling H has “caught the bug”.   Her Sunday School teacher had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago, before she ever had the baby, H kept telling me “Momma, we need to make sure we take dinner to them”, then one day we were watching Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals and saw RR doing a recipe for Chicken Parm Meatball Subs and H said “Mom, I can do that!”, so she decided that SHE was going to take dinner to her teacher.    Yesterday was the day, and I really really wish that I had taken pictures, but she made the chicken parm meatball subs (using ground beef, because we were concerned that the ground chicken may not be welcomed very readily by other families) almost completely by herself.    She couldn’t have been prouder!    And not only did she do dinner for her teacher and her family, but also for another family that we were cooking for that is dealing with some chronic illness.    She was so proud, and oh boy am I proud of her!

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1 Response to Passing on the ministry…..

  1. annie says:

    That is so awesome to see your children show a heart for giving and caring. What a blessing.

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