kids and school and "experiments"

Today we are having a “science day”.   The kids are doing every kitchen experiment that they can think of and that we have the ingredients for……this was totally initiated by them:)  This morning when I was getting their math lessons out, H asked if she could show them the “experiment” that they did in Sunday School on Sunday.  I told her that was fine.  This lead to a big snowball effect, and now they are on their 4th or 5th “experiment” 🙂  So cute!

Here are a few photos ….

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2 Responses to kids and school and "experiments"

  1. What a dream of a day…everyone happily working and learning and having fun together!! Happy Early Mother’s Day!! Love, Karen

  2. lori says:

    Ah yes, remind me of your comment and this day in a week or two when things get crazy around here again! 🙂 hehehehe 🙂

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