A new adventure….

Ok, I shared earlier this week (or was that last week?) that I have my very first bread customer. I would LOVE to have more….that would be fun! But I do have another little “business venture”. It’s really not all that much of a business venture as I’m not sure that there will be much profit in it. But we’ll see 🙂

I’ll start at the beginning with this one, it is a rather humorous story. Ok, for the past year or so, my honey has been telling me that the ladies at work are jealous by how spoiled he is (I do spoil him, a little bit :))….they have often said “I want a wife”….they are all married but work full time and just want someone to do for them what they do for the rest of their family. So, a couple of weeks ago, somehow my honey’s lunches that I pack for him each day came up with two of the ladies in the District Office (DO), they asked him if I would be interested in packing a lunch for them once a week (I think that they initially asked for more often, but he said he wouldn’t want me doing it more than once a week) and they’d pay me. Anyhow, he talked to me about it, and I told him that that would be fun! I’d love to do that 🙂 So, beginning next Wednesday, I’ll start making lunches for them as well. Well, now that it is actually coming to fruition, I’m hoping that they do really enjoy it….and that they don’t mind some of the things that I make for D! Next week’s menu (because it will be on Valentine’s Day) will be heart shapes….should be fun, and I hope that the ladies enjoy it 🙂

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8 Responses to A new adventure….

  1. annie says:

    That is so cool! I bet they will love the heart shaped goodies.
    I spoil my hubby too… poor guy doesn’t know where his clothes are or how to turn on the vacuum.

  2. Gail says:

    That sounds like a fun new business venture! You might end up doing it more later if it works out.
    Maybe you’ll have to show us what you do for them!

  3. lori says:

    I will definitely show what I do. They want the same types of things that I do for my honey….which is good, because I’m not all that willing to really deviate too much from my normal plan for lunches. His lunches always contain: a sandwich (I do vary the fillings and the breads and types of bread), veggies, fruit, and sometimes some type of a treat (like a granola bar, some trail mix, a cookie….whatever I have made). If I have pasta salad, or potato or macaroni or anything like that, then I use that as well.

  4. Doris says:

    How exciting! I love the name The Bread Basket.

  5. Gail says:

    That might help it to be easier to incorporate into your schedule if they want the same kinds of things! Way to go!

  6. annie says:

    I imagine they will love the heart shaped lunch! How fun!

  7. Poshmama says:

    That sounds like fun! I am sure they will enjoy what you pack them. Its like having a personal chef!

  8. Delmajesty says:

    Oh how fun!!!!!!!!!!! Do you deliver to Texas??? 🙂

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