A fun meme…..

I went to my friend Momma’s blogsite this morning and found this, and thought it was fun…..so here goes 🙂

I found this meme on another blog and thought it might be fun!

1. Name six things in your refrigerator:
avocados, oranges, lemons, napa cabbage, pepperoncini, milk

2. Name six things in your freezer:
In my freezer above my refrigerator I have:   ice cubes, frozen peas, pine nuts, Trader Joe’s vegetarian meatballs, yeast, whole cardamom pods

3. Name six things under your kitchen sink:
Bio-Kleen dishwashing gel (for the dishwasher), a mixture of vinegar/baking soda/tea tree oil in a spray bottle for cleaning, a bottle of windex, a bottle of Method lavendar cleaner, a large box (takes up half of the space) with all of my pots and pans lids, numerous plastic grocery bags that need to be all packed up and taken back to the store for recycling!

4. Name six things around your computer:
the printer/scanner/copier that has yesterday’s mail stacked on top, our digital camera, a spindle of CDs that D is using for backing up the hard drive, 2 different computer games, my wallet, r’s reading workbook

5. Name six things in your medicine cabinet:
my moisturizer, lotion, perfume, contact lens cleaner, contact lens case (with the contacts in them,…I haven’t put them in yet today), various samples of Mary Kay products, some travel size shampoos, etc from a hotel stay in October

6. Name six things on or around your nightstand:
a glass of water, my alarm clock, a set of brass pinapple shaped book ends, 3 antique books, my lamp, the book that I’m currently reading

Feel free to be tagged by me!  Leave me a note so I can go read yours!

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2 Responses to A fun meme…..

  1. Momma says:

    Thanks for playing! I have your bran and spelt all bagged up for you when you can get by! If you can’t by this weekend, I’ll try to get it to you! You’re herbed french bread looks just yummy! I’ve never tried french bread…is it difficult? Do you use a mix of white and wheat? Could you send the recipe?


  2. lori says:


    The recipe is linked in my “Fruits of my labor” post….it is my friend Wardeh’s recipe. I use all whole wheat. It is VERY good! I made it for Andrea when she had the baby, and they really enjoyed it too!

    I will TRY to get to your house this weekend (it’s a rather crazy weekend) to pick up the spelt and bran…..I’ll give you a call if I am able to make it.


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