Recipes, recipes, oh, so many recipes :)

For anyone that knows me in cyberworld, and in real life, you know that I LOVE to try new recipes….even though I’m not very good at actually FOLLOWING the recipe (I’m always adjusting and adapting recipes to suit my personal style and tastes…which drives some of my friends crazy!!! 😉 ) Anyhow, I cruise around each morning at several different people’s blogs and find recipes that sound good, but then I forget where I found that particular recipe and it never get’s made. So, I’m going to share some of those recipes that I found this morning for you all too 🙂

Peanut butter popcorn (this sounds just WAY too good to pass up!)

slow cooker italian pot roast

parmesan baked salmon

oven crisp black bean and corn flautas

peppered meatballs

salsa chicken

That’s it for now…my time on the computer is up now…I need to go mop the kitchen floor and get a load of laundry going. I’ll add more later as I have time to visit more blogs 🙂

Here’s another one I found before actually leaving the computer 🙂

texas barbecue beef 

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5 Responses to Recipes, recipes, oh, so many recipes :)

  1. Angie says:

    Oh that peanut butter popcorn sounds good. I will have try that. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hurry up and get that household notebook finished – you will be so glad you did. I am constantly getting mine out and using it.

    Oh, I make crockpot salsa chicken but I put boneless chicken breast in the crockpot with 1/2 a pkg of taco seasoning and then a small jar of pace picante sauce and cook about 4 hrs or until the chicken is tender and then shred it all up and put on tacos! YUMMY!

  2. Jill says:

    The peanut butter popcorn sounds so good! I will have to try it!

  3. Barb says:

    I’m also completely unable to follow a recipe EXACTLY as it’s written 🙂

  4. i already bookmarked the salsa chicken – and i’ve added the flautas. thanks for the good links!

    have a great week!

  5. Michelle says:

    I was also having that same problem. I started putting the particular recipe post from each blogger in a favorites folder marked “recipe” – and it’s probably a mile long now!

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