Putting things into perspective…..

I am so thankful for the hubby that God has given me!

For anyone that doesn’t know, I live in central California.   I know that much of the country has been experiencing colder temps than normal (or than what they had been having in previous weeks), but for us here in central California, this is not normal, and it is actually harmful to one particular portion of our population here.   (More about that later).   Anyhow, we experienced something like 17 consecutive days of below freezing overnight temps as well as daytime temperatures 20 degrees lower than our seasonal norm.      Because of this, our heater has been running almost 24/7 for most of this past month’s billing cycle for our gas company.   (Normally we only run the heater overnight, and turn it off first thing in the morning and don’t turn it back on until bedtime)      Our gas bill arrived yesterday……it was $60 more than the previous month’s bill!   I just about croaked!    When D got home, I  told him about it, and his reaction was so calming! 🙂   He said “Well, that’s a lot better than it COULD have been, and at least we still have a job to pay the bill”    WOW!  Talk about putting things into perspective for me!   I am thankful that we have the means to pay this bill!  Thank you God!

The sad thing is, the citrus farmers (as well as farmers of all crops) that are in our area are not going to have the money to pay their bills, and neither will the thousands of farm workers in our county (and surrounding counties).   This not only affects the agriculture related industries here in central California, but the affect will trickle down into all areas of our economic infrastructure.    Some estimates are that the farmers in CA have lost as much as 70% of their citrus crops but we personally know farmers that lost 80-90% of their citrus crops and some of the avocado crops were totally wiped out — 95-100% losses!

I’m thankful that God gave me a honey to help me to put things into perspective and to help me take the focus off of us and be thankful that dh has a job that can pay the bills.

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