Today in our home, Monday, November 6

Good morning everyone,

Well, we had a busy weekend.   Well, not busy really, but I wasn’t home much…..Saturday morning D and r and H and I went grocery shopping, we got home just in time to make lunch, quickly put the groceries away, and then I had promised R that I would take her clothes shopping.   We went to Old Navy to get jeans and tops for her, only to find that they no longer carry the “at waist” jeans in the store anymore.   SO, we tried on pants to see what would actually fit her with the promise to order pants online for her (they still carry the “at waist” jeans online), then we stopped in at Ross to see what they had.   They had a pair of pants that she was really wanting (but they looked funky on her at Old Navy), she tried them on and they are very cute.  We also found numerous tops for her.   She is still in DESPERATE need of jeans, and a couple of long sleeve tops, but she’s pretty good on short sleeve tops that fit her well.   She is also interested in getting a skirt or two, but that is another shopping trip 🙂    We discovered this weekend that she REALLY dislikes clothes shopping  and gets easily discouraged.    I think that next time, maybe I’ll suggest we bring one of her girlfriends along to see if that helps.

Yesterday after church we had small group, and I had to go and pick up our co-op order (our last Sunday delivery….YAY!!!!!)….filled up the van with boxes and bags (I was picking up our order as well as a friends’ order) and went back to small group.    We then came home, I started dinner, R went for one of her regular babysitting jobs, and then D and I put the kids to bed and we had just started watching a tv show (The Amazing Race) when R returned home… we had some dessert, finished the tv show and went to bed.   Even though we didn’t have a LOT of activities this weekend, we just (let me clarify….I just) wasn’t home very much this weekend…..and unfortunately, the house is showing it! 😦

Today in our home:



I want to do some baking (banana bread is top on the list, and maybe some pumpkin bread as well)

r is having her friend E come over this afternoon for a tea party, so I need to set the table up with a pretty table cloth and wash a couple of tea cups and matching desert plates (They are stored in the china cabinet and get dusty) and make a little tea party for them 🙂   I’m very sure that H will want to join in 🙂

What’s happening in your homes today?

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