Little girls (and a big girl and boy) and tea parties…..

My youngest daughter, r has a very special friend, we’ll call her “E”. Anyhow, r and E enjoy occasional playdates, and they are always seen walking through the halls at church holding hands….they are just so dear to one another. Anyhow, r got it into her sweet little 6 year old head that she wanted to have E over for a dress up tea party…..well, E’s mommy and I finally got together yesterday at church and we arranged for E to come over this afternoon after school (she is in morning Kindergarten). So r and E (and H) dressed up in pretty dresses, and I set up a tea party complete with china teacups and glass serving pieces for the cookies and fruit.

Here are a couple of photos smile.gif

100_2340 100_2341 100_2344

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3 Responses to Little girls (and a big girl and boy) and tea parties…..

  1. Gail says:

    There’s something special about little girls and tea parties! Don’t let it be the last one, they’ll have wonderful memories and it’s such a fun time. Love the pics, they look so cute!

  2. warpie (kim) says:

    Hi Lori, I published the tofu recipes, pretty basic stuff, throw it in a pot season and stir. Sorry I’m not much of a recipe follower, I tend to ad lib 🙂

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi lori,
    How sweet. They are all so pretty.
    Tahanks for sharing.

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