I'm issuing a challenge in my home today….

This morning as I was walking through the house turning lights on and opening windows and blinds and everything I realized that just about every flat surface (not including the floor) has something on it that doesn’t belong there. It started with my dining room table where there were still 4 glasses/cups left on the table from last night’s dinner, as well as 2 unused spoons and a couple of newspaper ads, etc. Then I walked into my living room and all of the tabletops as well as my hearth all have become collecting places. SO! Here’s the challenge that I’m going to offer my family (this includes D and I, because not all of the stuff on the flat surfaces belonged to the kids….some of it was D’s and mine)……if, everynight for the next week, when we go to bed, ALL of the flat surfaces (this includes the bathroom counter and floor) are clean and free of clutter, I will make dessert* for the following night. Now this SHOULD be a big motivator, because my family really enjoys having “dessert”*. I’ll let you all know, next Wednesday how it has gone! 🙂

Anyone else want to join me with this challenge?

*Dessert in our house doesn’t always mean something sweet, it just means “something”. For instance, our dessert could be popcorn, or it could mean that Momma freed one of the bags of Chex Mix (or some other equivalent) from the safety of the pantry, or it could be something as simple as mugs of hot cocoa with whipped cream……this will be a BIG treat, because we don’t normally do “dessert” except for 1 (or if there’s something special going on, or Momma is craving something 🙂 two) days a week.

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1 Response to I'm issuing a challenge in my home today….

  1. Gayle says:

    Ooh, now that’s a good idea. We might use this motivator in our house.


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