This evening D and I were working on some things on my blog here (you’ll notice some changes in the Sidebar), and I was frustrated about a particular post that I couldn’t get to format correctly.   I was showing it to D (he’s now been working on it, and it still isn’t formatting correctly) and I told him that it all got “glommed together”.   He looked at me as if I had said something in a different language and asked “it got what?”   I said “It’s a technical term”   Well, at that we both just started laughing… was a good 3-4 minutes before I could speak again without laughing.    He keeps teasing me about my post being “glommed together” and I keep laughing out “it’s a technical term” 🙂   What fun we are having!    D and I really have so much fun…..he loves to make me laugh and I love to (totally innocently) make him scratch his head in wonderment 🙂

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