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Asian Green Beans

This is something else that I made last night to go with our dinner.  They were delicious and a big hit with everyone. 1 pound frozen (or fresh) green beans 3 Tbsp. low sodium soy sauce or Braggs liquid aminos … Continue reading

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Eggplant and Tofu in Spicy Garlic Sauce

I first tried this dish at Panda Express a couple of months ago.   I LOVED it!   So I started trying to recreate it at home.   I do believe that last night’s version of it is the best I’ve made 🙂   … Continue reading

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An opportunity to encourage the Godfrey family

A couple of days ago I posted a prayer request for a precious family that some of you may know through the blogging community.    I just found out through the Making It Home yahoo group that Biblical Womanhood is sending … Continue reading

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Today in our home, Friday, September 8

Today on my list….. Continue working on my household notebook bake bread (I realized this morning that I am out of bread…..BUT I’m also out of the key ingredient that makes my ww bread not dense and heavy, so I … Continue reading

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Daily Routines

Some time ago Karen asked me to share my daily schedule when I had talked about it here on my blog. I just made our general routines sheets for this year today, so I thought I’d share those with you … Continue reading

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The examples that we set for our daughters…..

This week I have been reminded how much I take my husband for granted (these were internal reminders…..from the Holy Spirit….not anything external or from my husband).   I won’t go into any details, but I realized that I need to … Continue reading

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Please pray for Susan Godfrey

I would like to ask all of my readers to please be in prayer for Susan Godfrey and her family.   Susan will be giving birth to a baby on Tuesday, Sept 12 that will die within just a few short … Continue reading

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Today's produce basket (9/6/06)

I totally forgot to take a picture of my basket today….I’m sorry!  I had totally planned on taking one, and then when it arrived I was just too excited to see what goodies it held, that i forgot to photograph … Continue reading

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Goodbye and God Bless You, Steve Irwin

Our family has spent many hours over the past several years watching and enjoying Steve and Terri Irwin from Australia Zoo and Animal Planet/Discovery Channel’s Crocodile Hunter television show.   This morning I was so sad to turn on my computer, … Continue reading

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Some really cool household tips

These were posted by a lady to an email loop that I’m on….some really cool ideas! Bed Sheets After drying sheets, put both sheets and one pillowcase in the other pillow case. Fold neatly in a square. Next time you … Continue reading

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