Tonight's dinner… LOVED it!

Tonight we had……

shrimp fried rice (made completely from scratch with brown basmati rice)
mini- spring rolls (because I have some in the freezer)
and fortune cookies (leftovers from a couple of “date nights” at Panda Express…I have enough saved up for each of us to have one :))
OH! And Jasmine Tea.

I’m going to get out my “chinese” dishes, and my chinese tea pot and cups, and we’ll have dinner around the coffee table in the living room (I like setting up oriental meals in there and sitting on the floor….kind of like Japan) 🙂 Oh how fun, I can’t wait! 🙂

100_1905It was a simple dinner, but the ambiance and table set-up (my little r helped to set the table, it was her idea to bring some of our fall leaves (silk) to the table and it was H’s idea to fold the napkins pretty like they do at our favorite chinese restaurant.

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