Today in our home, Tuesday, September 12

Good morning everyone!   Today is going to end up being a very busy day, yet rather unpredictable.   Unpredictable, because I have two extra children right now, and I may end up with 2 more 🙂   Oh well, my mantra has always been “the more the merrier” 🙂    Why do I have extra children?   Well yesterday, my friend A gave birth to baby #3…..she was working towards a home birth, but around 7:00 last evening, the midwife felt it was necessary to transport her to the hospital.   So sometime around 8 pm last night she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl via c-section.

Today I need to:

*bless my home with a good cleaning!

*finish putting out the fall decorations

*get ready for Bible study tonight (I’m WAY behind this week…..I only have Day 1 completed….4 days to go :))

*make a couple of phone calls

*prepare healthy meals for family

*bake bread

*love on all 6 kids in my house 🙂

What’s happening in your homes today?

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