Today in our home, Thursday, August 31

Good morning everyone,

I got to sleep-in this morning by over an hour…’s payday, and every month on payday D eats out for lunch instead of my packing his lunch.   Normally I get up anyhow and get an extra long workout or extra long time with the Lord in or something of that sort, but this morning I just wanted to sleep.    So I did…..
So far I have:
*gotten dh off to work with his breakfast and tea
*read emails

Still need to do today:
*healthy meals for family
*bake bread
*keep house picked up
*finish laundry
*get grocery list made to go with meal plans
*retype/print and post daily schedule
*work on more lesson planning

(Yes, my list looks almost exactly like yesterday’s.    Didn’t get much done yesterday except for holding the baby that I am babysitting (she was fussy yesterday) and messing around on the computer)
Whatâ??s happening in your homes today?

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