New bible study….

Last night our ladie’s bible study group at church started a new Beth Moore study.  It is her newest study Daniel.   This study seems like it is going to be very good!   In the first video session, Mrs. Moore states that this study is not about “me”, but it WILL touch “me”….it will be spoken to “me”.    I’m so glad!  I LOVE studying God’s word for the sake of studying God’s word!   Learning more about the character of God through His Word…..I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!    In Daniel, we will be devoting the first 6 weeks to learning the sovereignty of God, and the last 6 weeks will be learning about the end times prophecy (eschatology).   I’m SOOOO excited about this new study.

In today’s homework, we were led to think about the Babylonian “attitude” that is very prevalent even in today’s society.   She asks us to go no further than Isaiah 47:10 “…..’I am and there is no one besides me.'”    This is the way the Babylonian culture was in 605 B.C. and it is still true of today’s culture.   We are encouraged and challenged to, for the next 6 weeks, to say “no” to the over-indulgence of our culture and society today…..whether it is to “rich meats”, tv shows, movies, shopping, whatever we normally would over-indulge in, we are challenged to make a conscious effort to be a modern day Daniel, and to turn away from the over-indulgence of today’s culture.

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