Today in our home, Wednesday, June 28

Good morning!  It is cooler this morning than it has been this week, and for that I am THANKFUL!  We’ve been in the 102-112 range since Friday with high humidity (which is actually unusual for our area), so it has been pretty miserable for me here.   I don’t tolerate the heat well at all…..and yesterday I got downright whiney about it!   I had to apologize to my D because I just kept whining at him about it….as if there was anything he could do about it 🙂

Today I need to:

*2 loads of laundry

*bake bread

*bake some things using zucchini….I’m thinking a chocolate zucchini cake and some zucchini bread muffins…something healthy, and something decadent 🙂

*healthy meals for family

*finish home blessing

*go shopping for snacks for the Wednesday Night Sports Network program that happens at our church during the summer for the 7th-12th graders in our community.   We are buying Push Ups ice cream treats for 250 today.

*do snacks for WSN this evening and try to stay cool 🙂

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