Laugh of the day!!!!!

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you will know that the look of my blog has changed this week….actually it has changed a couple of times, and if you were checking on my blog on Tuesday, it changed NUMEROUS times!   Well, this all came about because I was expressing to my husband that I wanted to add certain features to my blog.  Well, here’s a little history…..D has been designing his own websites for several years now, and is very well versed in the WWW world of language, etc.   So, when I told my husband that there were some things that I’d like to add to my blog, he told me that I could change my “theme” (the background of the page, and the basic layout of the page) and that there were LOTS of different features on different themes.    So he downloaded a bunch of different themes for me to try (they were the ones that I liked from a particular website that he had found), and I’ve been playing with them this week.   Now the trick in this is, that I use Mozilla Firefox for my browser……many people still use Internet Explorer, and a few still use Netscape…….well, my page needs to be readable in all 3 browsers.   I quickly found out that IE (Internet Explorer) is not very Word Press (the software that I use for my blog pages) friendly… reformats the themes, and they don’t look right.    SO, I had to find a new theme with the features on it that I like, that works in both Firefox and in IE…….after spending a couple of hours playing around with it, I finally found a couple of themes that I really liked that worked in both browsers.   YAY!!!!!!   In the meantime, my hubby has been playing around with making his own blog page that has all kinds of technical stuff on it (I don’t get it, but he does, and that’s what’s important :)).    He has been helping me to customize my background color, some features on my blog page, etc.   Here’s where the funny comes in ……

This morning, I was telling him something that I noticed on my calendar (it goes from Monday to Sunday instead of Sunday to Saturday…..he told me he’d fix that by the end of the day).   I asked what he was doing, he said “I’m designing my own theme”.   I asked why he was doing that….his response?   “Because I’m an idiot” 🙂   I laughed so hard, because he is SOOOO not an idiot!   He just likes to do things on his own, and he has never been a fan of the premade websites (you know, like geocities, etc, where you pick a background and just fill in the information)……he’d rather learn the languages, etc on his own and build his own.   He’s just that kind of a man…..and I love it!   So when he said that this morning, I just couldn’t help but laugh!!!!   🙂    I love my guy, he’s so cute!  🙂

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