It is officially summer here….

or at least by looking at my produce basket today it is!   Here’s what was in my produce basket today…YUMMMM!!!!

12 navel oranges (they are so sweet and yummy this time of year, but I know that we are definitely getting to the end of the season on them)

2  onion mix (there were a total of about 6 red onions and 2 white onions…all fresh, not storage onions

2 lb. zucchini

2 lb. red potatoes

1 lb. cucumber (this was one giant cucumber.  I think this one will end up in a cold soup, or something of that sort)

2 bunches carrots

1 bunch green onions

1 bunch radishes

2 lb. blue lake green beans

3# beefsteak tomatoes

1 lb. apricots (YUMMMMM)

2 baskets (filled to overflowing) strawberries

1 lb. cherries….again YUMMMMM

While I was putting the produce away my girls came in to see what was in the basket, H said “It’s summer!” 🙂  Her eyes got really big and she was practically drooling….I think that they kids are as excited as I am about the summer produce.   H and r both started a conversation about how wonderful summer produce is….everything just tastes like “summer” 🙂   To quote two very adorable girls.

This evening I will be planting my tomato plants (yes, I am late going into the ground and into pots, but they are doing well so far).   I can’t wait to have fresh tomatoes from my own vines this summer.   Last spring I planted a raspberry vine, but no fruit this year.   Our plums will be ripe in 3-4 weeks……I can’t wait!

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