Last night's dinner….

Yesterday, I pulled out some turkey italian sausage links, and some chicken breasts to be used for dinner for the next couple of days. As the day went on and the chicken wasn’t thawing very quickly, I decided to put that into the refrigerator to thaw for tonight’s dinner. So, we had the turkey italian sausage links. What to do with them? We had had pasta for dinner the night before, so spaghetti was out….I decided to grill them, I had some beautiful peppers, mushrooms and squashes in the fridge that were perfect for grilling. I cooked up some whole wheat couscous (I LOVE that stuff…..5 minutes and it’s done!). Even though we serve dinner from the kitchen, onto plates, I thought that I’d plate the couscous and veggies to help with serving, as well as to take a photo to put here.


I served this all with the turkey italian sausages, sliced fresh pineapple and a big green salad with tomatoes and avocados. Y UMMMMM!!!!!!!!

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