We are blessed!

We moved into this house 2 years ago this month, and from the very beginning one of our neighbors have done some really wonderfully kind things for us. Two or three weeks after we moved in here, the husband (a retired man in his 60s) came over with his edger and edged our lawn for us. Later that summer, and last summer they would bring us the abundance from their garden. Well, starting back in January, they started coming to our door with lettuce from their garden. It was SOOOO delicious, organically grown, always perfectly fresh, and always just on time (a true testament to God’s goodness…..I’d use up the last of our lettuce for a salad for lunch and they’d come in the afternoon with a grocery bag full of lettuce….enough to last several days). Anyhow, this afternoon J came to the door with a large grocery bag just about filled with lettuce, and also announced that this is the last lettuce of the season……it’s getting too hot and he is pulling what’s left out so it won’t bolt. I will miss my wonderful lettuce, but will enjoy the organic lettuce that I can get from our farmer’s market. I just had to share a photo of the lettuce (this is the 2nd washing…..I always wash it 3 times to make sure I get all of the dirt, sand, and critters out (today there were several baby snails)).


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