My very decadent, very low calorie dessert……

It is full-on strawberry season right now. The strawberries that are grown by the local farmers are always large, juicy (I had to rinse out two daughter’s shirts tonight!), and oh, so incredibly sweet! They are like heaven on earth! I LOVE our local strawberries, they are absolutely heavenly….and the aroma….oh my! So, what is better than these strawberries? These strawberries with organic dark chocolate…..oh my!!!!!! What I do for a really quick and totally decadent dessert is place a small square of the chocolate on a plate and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds (you could melt larger amounts in a double boiler….just be really careful to not get the water boiling too hot, your chocolate could seize). I then surround that little square with about 8-10 strawberries. I dip my berries in the chocolate and …. mmmmmm, enjoy! Very simple, super decadent and fairly low calorie (a super decadent treat for right around 100 calories) treat. Life doesn’t get much better!

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2 Responses to My very decadent, very low calorie dessert……

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  2. Sandra says:

    YUM, yes strawberry and chocolate, nothing better 🙂

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