Tummy bugs are NO FUN!

At approx. 12:30 this morning I was awakened from a very sweet sleep by our 13 year old in her bathroom with a sick tummy.    I felt so bad for her, I got her a cup of water to rinse her mouth, and offered to hold her hair back (she has very long, very beautiful naturally wavy hair).   She went to the couch, I went back to bed.  Approx. 2 hours later she was up again….same routine, only this time I asked if she wanted me to sleep in the living room with her, and her response was “If you want to”   which I knew meant, “yes, I need my mommy now” 🙂   So I got a blanket, my pillow, and told my honey that I was sleeping in the living room with R.   I was up several more times with her, and at 3:50 I hadn’t been asleep in close to an hour, so I asked R if she would mind me going to the gym, she said that was fine, so I got dressed and went to get my blood pumping….I knew it was going to be a long day.

It is now 12:20 pm, and she is quarantined to my bedroom (and is bored!) and hasn’t thrown up since approx. 4;30 this morning.  She is relaxing comfortably, and just ate about 1/2 cup of chicken broth and about 6 saltine crackers.   She does have a fever, so I’m being very careful to keep everyone else away from her!

If you are reading this within 24-48 hours of my writing/posting it, please pray that none of our other children, nor D and I get this flu bug.

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1 Response to Tummy bugs are NO FUN!

  1. Lyn says:

    Praying, Lori…tummy bugs are no fun, hope she’s feeling better soon, and that she doesn’t pass it to any of the rest of ya!

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