Resurrection Sunday….

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter).   This year, for some reason, I wasn’t nearly as excited about Resurrection Sunday as I normally am.   And because of that, we put off, until the weekend, many of the things that we normally do each year as a tradition leading up to Easter.   We normally, on Thursday or Friday evening decorate our eggs.  The kids really enjoy designing their eggs, and dying them in our egg dyes.  No, this really has nothing to do with the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, but it really is one of the only “secular” traditions that we do.  Well, our weekend was very full of activities and trying to get ready and prepared for our Sunday morning committments, and we never got around to decorating our eggs (so we will be doing that today, Monday) 🙂

One of the other things that kind of threw me “off” was that normally I plan for and prepare the Easter meal at our house, and we invite friends or family to share it with us.  This year my mother in love invited us to her house….we gladly accepted.  I was thinking “oh, how nice, I don’t have to cook, prepare, shop, etc”…..but it really did affect me not doing those things…..I wonder where my focus has been in the years past?

I realized yesterday morning during church that my focus this year was being pushed to the cross!   To the work of the cross, and to the sin in my own life.  I saw, anew, the work of my personal saviour!   I walked out of our service yesterday focusing more on Him, than on the holiday.   Very good thing personally, but not necessarily family wise…..

I KNEW that my mother in love and my sister in love (she is 14 years old, just 14 months older than our oldest daughter) would have an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, and that they would have Easter baskets, etc.  And I told myself to make sure I took the camera……WELL, I was so NOT focused on family, that I forgot the camera!  AND I forgot to ask my mother in love and sister in love to take pictures!   So while my darlings played, and hunted for eggs and other treasures, I don’t have one single picture to remember it all by!   😦

Today I woke up somewhat in a fog….I KNOW that the Lord is working a mighty work in my heart right now, and that He is trying to reveal Himself to me, so today, in spite of our broken toilet, and a group of moms and kiddos coming to my home, I will be keeping my focus Upwards!

I know that this was rather rambling…..I just needed to get it all down, and no, it really doesn’t make much sense….sorry…..but it was good for me 🙂

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2 Responses to Resurrection Sunday….

  1. Sylvia says:

    {{{Lori}}} It doesn’t have to make sense, though I thought it did. When the Lord is working and moving, other Christians do understand those seemingly ramdom, rambling thoughts….. And it bonds us somehow. hang in there and listen to the Lord.


  2. Wardeh says:

    Lori, I feel for you! I think I understand, too. When the Lord is talking, I just have to listen, cry if necessary, step back a little — and the rest of my life doesn’t seem to be anything close to normal. I’ll be praying for you! Love, Wardeh

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