Soda Can Chicken

Well, this is technically called “Beer Can Chicken”, but I rarely use beer because I rarely have cans of beer around… I use soda cans.

But this is a fantastic way to roast a chicken during those hot summer days when you are really wanting a roasted chicken that is tender and juicy and perfectly cooked!

First thing you do is to pour off or drink 1/2 of the soda (or you could use a 12 ounce can of juice if you’d like) and set aside the can with half of it’s contents.

Then you will season both the outside of the chicken as well as the cavity.   Insert the can into the cavity of the chicken and place over indirect heat on your outdoor grill.  You will need to play with the legs a bit to get it to stand up straight.  YOu will then close the lid on your grill and come back in 30 minutes to check on it.  It won’t be done yet, but you’ll want to rotate it if it is cooking/browning unevenly.   Close the grill and let it go another 15 minutes.  After it has cooked for a total of 45 minutes, check the temperature in the breast and thigh (being careful to not touch the bones with the thermometer) with an instant read meat thermometer.  You are looking for a reading of at least 165 degrees.   Remove from grill and let stand on a plate for 5 minutes before trying to remove the can (this is generally a 2 person job, and be careful to use hot gloves/oven mitts or a double thickness of toweling–which is what we do).   We have one person hold the chicken firmly, and the other pull the can out.

What results is a beautifully cooked, super juicy (because as it cooks the liquid from the can infuses into the bird (no you don’t taste it) and keeps it moist and juicy) chicken.    This is one of our favorite ways to cook whole chickens.

Here’s a picture after it’s cooked, and still standing on it’s soda can pedestal.

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