In my kitchen…..

Well, even though I don’t have to cook dinner tonight (we get Taylor’s Hot Dogs for dinner tonight….YAY!!!!… our AWANA Grand Prix….I don’t know if I’m looking more forward to the races or the hotdogs :)), I’m still going to do some food preps tonight.    I want to cook some beans to get into the freezer for future meals, so I need to sort, rinse, and soak some beans.  I’m going to do some organic pinto beans, some organic black beans, organic red beans, and organic garbanzo beans.   I’ll soak them overnight tonight in cold water, and then tomorrow I’ll cook them, cool them, and freeze them in 2 cup bags for future meals.

Tomorrow I’ll post my instructions on how I cook my beans from dry beans (I am asked often how to do that).

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1 Response to In my kitchen…..

  1. Pam says:

    This looks like a very happy, productive home! I like your blog!!!


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