The rain…..

Well, the weather is telling me that it is definitely springtime here in California.  The past couple of weeks, we’ve been receiving a lot of rain.   Several of my friends are getting tired of it, and have begun to complain about it, and this morning when I got up in the wee hours of the morning to let the cat out, I began to have a complaining spirit also.  Then something clicked, and I realized “Hey, I like the rain!” 🙂   I have let that complaining spirit of my friends, get me down, and I was about to start complaining about something I really enjoy!

It made me realize just how contagious a complaining spirit can be… can make me complain about something I like!  🙂  How often do my husband and children hear me complain about things that really aren’t that bad.   Let’s see, what do I complain about…..laundry…I definitely complain about laundry.  But truly, if I would just DO IT and not let it pile up, the laundry is a good thing, it is a sign that we have clothes for our family, and that I have a large family (which is something I’ve always wanted).   Ok, no reason to complain about the laundry anymore…..what else do I complain about?    Ants, this morning I came out to the kitchen to find my counter top was crawling…..I was REALLY complaining about ants!  And no, I don’t like ants, and I don’t even welcome them in my home, but they are part of God’s creation, so I wiped the countertops down, and it was a reminder that I need to get some peppermint essential oil quick! 🙂  And that will make my kitchen smell YUMMY, so why am I complaining?  🙂      Ok, I also complain about my childrens’ behaviour sometimes, but realistically, I’ve been SO blessed with 4 great kids!   They do fight and bicker, and I do have to fight with them to get them to keep their rooms clean, but they are GOOD kids!  And they love me, they love one another, and they are so incredibly patient with me… why do I complain about them?  and the ants, and the rain, and everything else?    I’m not seeing the joy in those things!

Today my prayer will be that the Lord will show me the joy in all the things that I normally complain about.    Lord God, my Father in Heaven, I KNOW that you don’t complain about me, you see the joy in me.  Father, I pray that today you would help me to put aside that complaining spirit, and that you would let me see, show me, the joy in everything that comes across my path today!   And that you would give me the joy in my heart that can only come from you.  I pray that you would help me to take the focus off of ME and put it first onto Jesus, then onto others, my family and anyone else that you bring across my path today, and THEN onto me….and Father, I do pray that you would help me to keep my focus in that order today.  That I wouldn’t put myself first….for that isn’t where TRUE joy comes from!

Father God, I also pray for D and J as they prepare for their move, and also for Kristen as she walks the road of cancer treatments.  Please show her your love, and your mercy, and help her parents to remain focused on YOU Father!

In Jesus’ name,


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1 Response to The rain…..

  1. Wardeh says:

    Lori, I really appreciate this post of yours. You are reminding me not to have a complaining spirit! Which I am doing right now because Mikah is pulling on my braid 🙂 I’m glad I have him around, pulling on my braid or not. Love, Wardeh

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