Friday, March 31, 2006

Good morning everyone,

I woke up hard this morning….I posted about it in the previous post…..but am doing better now 🙂   Don’t have to prepare dh’s lunch, today is the one day each month where he goes out for lunch.   All I HAVE to do before 7 am is get his breakfast made, and sit down and enjoy breakfast and coffee with my hubby.   And really, that’s all I can do….can’t make too much noise without waking the kids up, and they need their sleep.  We let them stay up late last night  (until 9) so I know that they are going to want to sleep later this morning….which is fine.  I have some recipes that I need to send off to a friend of mine…..she is teaching her 3 year old how to cook and bake from scratch, and has requested some of the recipes that I have used with my kiddos.   Easy, fun, kid friendly recipes.

Today in my home, I need to:

*general tidy for the weekend
*clean catbox 😦
*wipe down laundry room  and clean out the little fridge in there
*wipe down my inside fridge and freezer so that it is ready for new groceries tonight and tomorrow
*make grocery lists
*make general schedule for the next several weeks

That’s about it……

I pray that you all have a good day, and that the Lord would bless your weekends with great family time!

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