From my kitchen window, part 2…..

After reading this on the T2CHK board, my friend Vickilynn posted the same type of thread to her Real Food Living email loop.   A couple of the ladies said that while they are cooking, they pray for the person that they got the recipe from of the dish that they are cooking.   I thought “what a neat idea”… this morning I was at my kitchen window preparing my husband’s breakfast and lunch, and praying for his day, and asking for a good day for him, and our little friend Kristen (from a previous blog entry….she’s our 7 year old friend that has cancer) came to mind so I began praying for her.   As the tears ran down my cheeks while I was praying for her, I began to pray for my own children.    Last night we talked to them a bit more about Kristen’s illness.   My son, M, is such a sweetheart!  He is definitely our “Tigger”, but he is also probably one of the most sensitive kids I know…..anyhow, M sat there and was silent.  I could tell he was really struggling.  I asked, M are you ok?  “Yes, Momma, I’m fine”…..then we saw the tear trickle down his cheek.   My husband asked if he was sad for Kristen, “Yes”… we held him, and told him that it’s ok to cry for our friend, and that both Mommy and Daddy had cried plenty, and there will be more tears to come, we are sure.   But just seeing this gentle side of him, it really is a testament to the life of Jesus in his heart…..most people don’t see this side of our M, but D and I both know that it is there…..we see it.

So, I was praying for my children, and then I  began to pray for some friends that have asked me to pray for their children….some are prodigals, and some are young children that are very strong-willed, and some are just becoming teenagers and have the whole “hormonal/independance/still want to be catered to/attitude” thing going on.

The time passed so quickly at my kitchen window, and praying, and looking at my flowers and baby herb garden, that before I knew it my husband came out and we sat down and enjoyed our breakfast and conversation together.

I LOVE my kitchen window…….

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1 Response to From my kitchen window, part 2…..

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Lori,
    I just love this. I am going to start doing this. I loved reading your blog. Thank for stopping by the cottage. I love to my friends come by. The door is always open.:)
    I needed a recipe for dressing.

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