Baking Bread…..

2/28/06—I have been baking all of our family’s bread for about 9 years now. I started out using a bread machine, then got a manual bread kneading bucket (which works great, and I can make 6 loaves at a time!), and 5 1/2 years ago was blessed with a Bosch Universal Kitchen Center…..I LOVE that thing! Our bread is made from about as scratch as you can. I start with whole grain wheat….

I have a Whisper Mill micronizing grain mill that I absolutely LOVE!

Next I add the water, yeast, etc to my Bosch bowl…..

I use a sponging method for my bread baking so it goes from this (above) to

in 15-20 minutes….then I add my honey, gluten, salt, more flour and any other add-ins that I’m using and knead.

Here is how I form my loaves….

First I divide my dough into 5 portions

Then I pat each section out flat into a “rectangle”

And fold in each side, making sure to pat it down tightly…

and then fold up each of the ends just a little…..

Then I flip it over and fold each long side under a little and roll into a “log”

And then I place it in my lightly oiled bread pans (I use 4 x 8 pans)

Here are the finished loaves before and after rising….

And the finished loaves, post baking…..

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