Monday, February 27, 2006

2/2l7/06—It is almost 4 pm, and this is the view out my back windows…..

It is cold, rainy, and windy outside right now. I LOVE IT! I also baked bread today……going to put together a pictorial breadmaking session post for a friend 🙂

I got most of my homeblessing done today, and the kids got most of their work done today! YAY!

Yesterday at church, the message was on “church discipline”. I went in thinking “Oh boy, this is really not going to be applicable”….but I quickly realized that it was totally applicable. So often when I am wronged by a friend, or made to feel uncomfortable by a friend, I just swallow it. I don’t verbalize my hurt feelings or confront the friend for fear of hurting them. But I realized yesterday that it is TOTALLY biblical to confront a brother or sister in Christ when I have been wronged. They did talk about the difference between having hurt feelings and having been sinned against. The hurt feelings are something that apparently you have to deal with, unless it causes you to sin? I didn’t really understand that part of it……our Pastor of Students was the one giving the message and I can tell he wasn’t very comfortable with it….he normally is an awesome speaker, but he was kind of fragmented while speaking yesterday. Anyhow, I was blessed to find out that confrontation, under the right circumstances, really is Biblical. I don’t have to be a doormat for Jesus!

Thank you God for that revelation!

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