Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2/15/06—Last night’s Valentine’s/R’s Birthday dinner was wonderful! When D got home the table was set with a pretty pink tablecloth, candles,
gold heart doilies (and Valentine M&Ms scattered down the center of
the table). I also had one of my african violets as the center piece. I
had placed glasses of water with lemon on the table for everyone, as
well as our champagne flutes and china plates. Dh helped me to serve
the dinner, and we ate, talked, giggled, and the kids thought it was so
cool that they got champagne glasses with sparkling cider (I also
dropped a frozen blackberry into each glass… was SO pretty, and
provided lots of entertainment as one of the kiddo’s berry was
“dancing” in the sparkling cider all throughout our dinner). After
dinner, dh helped me clean up, and we went to the living room to open
birthday presents. This is the first year that we have let the kids get
things for each other for Christmas and birthdays, and they all had so
much fun wrapping their presents for “Sissy” and then watching her face
as she unwrapped each one. Then R opened ours, and it was a lot of
fun watching her ooooh and aahhh over all the bath things that we got
After presents we had cake, then the kiddos went off to bed and D and
I watched a little bit of Olympics that we had recorded yesterday.

Here’s my list for today:
*R is babysitting for a couple of hours for a family at church
*reset the table (with our daily linens, take the pretty Valentine’s “cloth” off….it’s plastic, so it will be thrown out)
*get ready for AWANA/choir tonight
*keep house tidy
*bake some bread

Here’s what’s happening in our kitchen today:

I still need to bake bread!

pancakes with pb and real maple syrup

leftovers and soup

crockpot lasagna
homemade bread

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