One of those days…..

is one of those days that you just want to crawl back into bed
and pull the covers up over your head and stay there all day!
This morning I got up, and got started with my day, but within 5
minutes of the kiddos getting up, I KNEW that it wasn’t going to be one
of my finer days! The kids woke up whiney….all 4 of
them! What is it, why can’t just ONE of them wake up whiney?
Nope, all 4! Well, I wanted to be whiney…’d think
that if they have the “right” to be whiney that Momma would have the
“right” also. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way!
I finally, around 10 am, just went into my room, closed the
door, and cried! It was pure anger and frustration! I also
sent D an email at work and asked him to call me when he got a
chance. When he did call, I just let loose! I cried like a
baby! I haven’t cried like that to him in a LONG time! And
NEVER over our children!

M knew that he was largely responsible, so he spent the rest of the
morning/early afternoon loving on me, and giving me
encouragement! Today, he was my Barnabas. 🙂
Even though his attitude was largely responsible for my attitude and

Let’s just hope that tomorrow is better….definitely can’t get any worse 🙂

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