only 6 more days until Thanksgiving……

realized earlier this week that Thanksgiving is only a few days
away! I really didn’t realize how quickly the month has
passed! Today I settled on our final menu (I think)
and have started my grocery list. I still don’t know
who is coming, we have invited D’s mom and sisters and if they
aren’t able to come, then I will invite another homeschool family that
lives locally. “Mr. W” is on call next weekend and so they can’t
go to their families for the holiday. It would be REALLY
fun to have them, but I can’t have them AND the inlaws…just not
enough space for a sit down meal with that many people.

Here’s the menu, and a quick breakdown of what needs to happen between now and Thursday.

Thanksgiving Dinner:
brined turkey
mashed potatoes
turkey dripping gravy
a vegetable dish….or two, either D’s Special Peas or Cheesy Broccoli casserole and roasted root vegetables probably
a green salad
a relish tray with carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, marinated green beans, and olives
cranberry orange relish
canned jellied cranberry sauce
homemade 7 grain cereal rolls
pumpkin and apple pies

go through pantry and see what I still need
make grocery list
clean out refrigerator and bring turkey in from freezer to start thawing
do some sewing for Thanksgiving table decor
bring in box of Thanksgiving decorations from garage, decorate

go grocery shopping
bake cornbread to be used as part of dressing
make pastry for pie crusts and put into freezer
wash table linens, iron as necessary
wipe down walls in entry and hall way and wipe all fingerprints from doorjams and doors

day of rest 🙂 prepare for coming week!

take frozen pie crust dough out of freezer move to fridge
wash and cut veggies for relish tray, make marinades for mushrooms and green beans
make salad dressings
toast bread cubes for dressing

chop all veggies for dressing
make cranberry orange relish
make sure all serving dishes, serving utensils, and china is clean and ready to use
make fresh flower arrangement for table centerpiece
clean house

make mashed potatoes
assemble vegetable casserole
make brine and start brining turkey in the morning
bake pies
bake rolls
start marinating mushrooms and green beans for relish tray
make green salad

assemble dressing, hold in refrigerator until turkey is 1 1/2 hours from being done
roast turkey
heat mashed potatoes, vegetable caserole, and other vegetable dish (if using)
bake dressing
put relish tray, cranberry sauce and relish into serving dishes, put butter in pretty serving dish
take pies out to get to room temp
whip cream
serve at 2:30 and enjoy! 🙂

These lists seem lengthy, but I know that by doing so much in the days
prior to Thanksgiving, it will give me the freedom on Thanksgiving Day
to enjoy my family, and just to relax!

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