Oh, Big Brother…….

my 5 year old daughter, r. She was in the bathroom getting
ready for bed and found, much to her dismay, a spider. She came
running to the kitchen to tell me (both of her big sisters and daddy
are gone this evening), I had my hands full with dishes, and knew it
was a job that her big brother would proudly handle for her, so I told
her to call M to help her. So she goes to his door,
knocks, and in her best 5 year old panicked little sister voice says “M
there is a BIG spider in the bathroom! Mommy wants you to come
kill it for me”

He marches into the bathroom, searches high and low for what we are
sure must be a tarantula, based on her reaction…..could not find the
spider in there anywhere! Now remember, a total of probably 2
minutes has passed since she witnessed this terrible, horrible, 8
legged menace to society. Not really long enough for the
spider to have gotten too far. M assures her in his very
proudest big brother voice “Nope, no spider in
there”. I double checked for her, and she went to go
to get ready for bed.

I went into said den of all things wicked, and believe that I found the
offender! It is a little tiny spider the size of an
ant! I BARELY saw the little guy, but noticed something
moving on the floor. I dropped to my hands and knees and realized
this little guy must have been what frightened r. I
called M in to see it, and take care of it, since he IS our
resident bug killer….he laughed at the size of it and said “Mom, why
is r so afraid of something so tiny?” We had a good giggle,
and the great white spider hunter got to do his duty, then went to tell
his little sis’ that the problem was rectified. When
he went to her, he asked, “Now, r, HOW big was that
spider?” Her response was “oh, not too big, but he was
moving, and he scared me”. Big brother lovingly wrapped his
arms around her, kissed her on the top of the head and told her that it
was safe to brush her teeth now 🙂

I LOVE my kids! 🙂

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1 Response to Oh, Big Brother…….

  1. Karen Twombly says:


    What a sweet story! Our “bug killer” is my second born son who is now 9.

    But better than the that is hearing of a big brother loving his little sister! 🙂

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