a valuable tool for me in my homeschool…..

11/16/05To my friends and family that may be
reading this, if you don’t already subscribe to The Old Schoolhouse
magazine, I would highly encourage it! I just subscribed
recently (had never heard of the magazine until we moved here to our
new town, and I got involved with different homeschoolers), and got my
first issue about 2 weeks ago. It is SOOO good! The
articles are all written in a very REAL fashion…not like some of the
other homeschool magazines that I’ve seen in the past. These
articles aren’t written for the “ideal” they are written for
“real life”……I LOVE it!

There are advertisements for various curriculum companies, and book
sellers, and I have found SO many products that I never knew existed,
that I wish I had had when I was first starting out.

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