A Day in the Life of a Penguin


a recent trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium watching the penguins play
that day gave me an idea for a musing. While there, we were
watching the penguins play. This was one of the favorite exhibits
of my younger two daughters, H and r. And I have to say, I
think that this probably was my second favorite exhibit.
The reason? Well, while we were standing there watching all
of the penguins, and trying to figure out which ones had blue wing
bands* (more about that in a bit) and how they differed in behavior
from the others, one particular penguin caught my
attention. I was kneeling down talking to my girls (who
were also kneeling….that may give an indication of how long we stood
in front of this exhibit :)), when a particular penguin appeared before
my face. Well, this little penguin, was submerged half way
down the depth of the water, and he was flapping his wings with
all of his might to stay submerged. If he were any other
bird, he would have been soaring in the stratosphere with the amount of
flapping his little wings were doing. But after watching
him for a few moments, I realized he was flapping like that to stay

I SO related to that penguin! At some points in my life, I
feel as though I’m flapping so hard, and I really should be getting
somewhere, but I’m staying in the exact same spot! While
watching this little penguin fellow, I had a gentle tugging at my
heart, and felt as though the Lord was trying to show me that I so
often am that funny little penguin! And if I’d let Him have
control, and not keep flapping with all my might, maybe I’d get
somewhere! Instead of staying status quo! This can
apply to all aspects of my life and different times, but right now,
today, it is applying to my walk with Him! I seem to be in
a valley right now, and I keep flapping (reading my bible more, praying
more, doing everything in MY power) and I realized this week while
watching this little penguin and while thinking about what message God
had for me in that little penguin, that I’m not doing what I’m supposed
to be doing, which is giving my cares to the ONE that can carry
them! And I’ve been trying to “walk” alone….. God please
forgive me! SO, I’m praying that my
wings can have a little break, and that I can “float to the surface”
and even climb the rock mountain with my Leader

* now to explain the blue wing bands. When we were
getting ready to enter the aquarium (we were there for a Homeschool
day), the docent that gave us our orientation told us that 13 of the
penguins in the exhibit were from Aquarium of the Americas in New
Orleans, and that they had relocated them here until they can rebuild
their aquarium after Hurricane Katrina. He told us that the way
you could identify them was by the blue bands around their wings.

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1 Response to A Day in the Life of a Penguin

  1. diarysahm says:

    I love this post, I too can relate to that feeling of trying so hard but going nowhere fast. 🙂

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