I am thankful for homeschooling because…..

I am thankful I homeschool because _It has brought our

family closer together. Both D and I come from

broken families, and neither of our families are what

I would consider really close (probably closer than

some, but not as close as I’d like). We have been

home educating our children since our oldest child (a

daughter) was a baby, and until last year, I couldn’t

give you a real reason why, except that God had called

us to homeschool. Well, last year, God gave me the

opportunity to share with a friend WHY He called us to

home educate our children. It was to bind those ties

back together in our family again. Our immediate

family is very very close, and oftentimes, if you see

one of us, you see all 6 of us. We thoroughly enjoy

spending time together, and my children are all best

friends with one another. SO different than my and
D’s relationships with our siblings.

I am thankful for home educating my children, because

I have had the opportunity to share so much with them.

They have had opportunities that just wouldn’t be

possible if they were “other schooled”. They are all

growing to love the Lord with all of their hearts,

minds, bodies, and actions, and it is so encouraging

to my “mommy heart” to see that! My children also

have INCREDIBLE imaginations, and can come up with

some of the neatest games and whatnot out of almost

nothing! And I am blessed enough to see all of it!

I am thankful for home educating my children because

when they leave our home, they will be thoroughly

rooted and grounded in the truth of God’s Word, and

our prayers are that that will be passed on as a

legacy to the future generations of our family!

I think that my favorite thing about home education is

that we can do things “outside of the box”. Our

schooltime can be anywhere! We don’t have to get

dressed for school. We can lay on momma’s bed for

school, or have schooltime in the back yard, enjoying

God’s creation. I also love to incorporate

non-traditional methods into our school day, such as

reading aloud, even to my 7th grader, cooking, baking,

serving others, playing games to learn math and

spelling, etc.

I also love the flexibility that is available to me

through home educating my children!

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